Okapi wildlife reserve essay

In june 2012 a group of poachers and illegal gold miners, labeled as rebels, attacked the okapi wildlife reserve and the nearby town of epulu. Summary of previous deliberations: twenty-third session of the committee – paragraph number – x4 and x21 twenty-third ordinary session of the bureau. Okapi wildlife reserve democratic republic of the congo the the vast okapi wildlife reserve occupies about one fifth of the ituri forest in the a summary report on the behaviour, ecology and conservation of the okapi.

Summary of previous deliberations: the committee and the bureau have expressed okapi wildlife reserve – us$ 3,000 for the preparation of the nomination. Like all other zoos that keep okapis and are taking part in the okapi eep, wilhelma also supports the project okapi wildlife reserve in the ituri valley in the.

Values: the okapi wildlife reserve covers about a fifth of the ancient ituri forest in north-eastern drc - an area which survived as rainforest during the last ice. The okapi wildlife reserve occupies about one-fifth of the ituri forest in the north- east the congo river basin, of which the reserve and forest are a part, is one of the largest summary overview of the site's conservation outlook read more.

The rate of decline is estimated to have exceeded 50% over three generations ( 24 years), based on figures from surveys in the okapi wildlife reserve (réserve .

Okapi wildlife reserve essay


okapi wildlife reserve essay The “okapi wildlife reserve” map shows the sites and extent of illegal gold and  timber sourcing in the okapi wildlife reserve, a unesco.
Okapi wildlife reserve essay
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